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  1. daddyslittlekhaleesi:

Yes please.
  2. Bought my first sportster today. Only got to ride it for about an hour. But there’s something so amazing about getting down the highway doing 70mph on this machine that men and women built with their hands 23 years ago half way across the country. It’s crazy how that feels. No words can describe.

  3. Small paychecks, big adventures.

    Small paychecks, big adventures.

  4. Anonymous asks:

    Any lucky lady in your life?

    You’re creepy.

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  6. kchegnoph:

Why I don’t have a smartphone…unnecessary distractions.

Yet you have a tumblr? Uh wut


    Why I don’t have a smartphone…unnecessary distractions.

    Yet you have a tumblr? Uh wut

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  8. revoltechs:

nature is amazing


    nature is amazing

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  9. eggsus:


    celebrities that get more shit than they should:

    • nicki minaj
    • ke$ha
    • miley cyrus
    • lorde
    • lindsay lohan
    • taylor swift

    celebrities that don’t get enough shit:

    • justin bieber
    • nash grier
    • justin bieber

    notice how the first list is all women leading the industry. notice how the second list is two teenage boys who think they run shit but they’re hurting people.

    And they’re all disgusting people. Leading the industry my ass

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  10. And it echoed down the mountains
    To those Georgia pines
    Ran through Tennessee just like that old moonshine
    Old Joe Clark Cripple Creek Annie Get Your Gun
    I guess my old time favorite was yhat Fox on the Run
    Like a fox, like a fox on the run

  11. nevver:

Gimme Shelter


Gimme Shelter


Gimme Shelter

  12. Ratlife


  13. The racism isn’t about a white cop shooting a black kid. It’s about a bunch of the richest politicians from the richest areas of the country from the richest political party telling poor people they don’t have and shouldn’t exercise the right to self defense. Gun control was dreamt up by racist southern democrats to keep blacks from fighting back and I guess their legacy lives on today.